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It's in my hea-ed

Time goes by too quickly, doesn't it? Here it is, Wednesday night already.
Tonight I had two new students in one of my classes. They were both Vietnamese, a man and a women. They aren't connected romanticaly or anything, I think they just happened to both know each other and come at the same time. The man works at a factory (or more likely oversees a factory) in town that makes pens. He told me he would like for me to come visit his office and design a pen. Every day is an adventure, indeed. I don't know why he has the confidence that I can design a pen for his company. We shall see what develops.
This week is leading up to the big That Luang festival in Laos. Since Saturday there has been a big fair set up in a parking lot near to my house. I can hear music late into the night, but luckily there is a city-wide "noise curfew" where parties have to stop around 11pm. At around 10:30 one night I was listening to what sounded like 20 people singing "Zombie" (Cranberries) together on a Karaoke machine.
Last weekend I went out of town with the fam and we stayed in a hotel for a night. When I walked through the hotel lobby around 11pm I heard the familiar strains of the song "Puff the Magic Dragon". It sounded so good I thought it was a tape, but then I saw the lady singing and I also started to notice that THIS Puff the Magic Dragon LIVE-DED by the sea and in fact FROW-LICKED, rather than froliced (sp?) in the autumn mist. But I think the Karaoke lady did a good job considering the language barrier.
Right now I am waiting for Nick to finish putting Jonas to sleep so that he can come help my buy my dream blender, the oft-lauded VITA-MIX 5000!

Wednesday, Nov. 01, 2006 at 10:04 PM

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