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100 Things

100 Things about Me
Originally written on May 22, 2003, updated on November 1, 2005. Updates are in italics
1. My date of birth was April 11th, 1980. I have always liked that I was born in ’80. It is such a nice, round number, and it makes it really easy to calculate my age in the current year, should I forget or get really old.
2. I was born in Florida, but lived most of my young life in Alabama. Since 2003, I have lived in Vientiane, Laos
3. I used to be ashamed of my southern heritage and the stigma, but I have grown to appreciate both the extreme poverty and the true grit that southerners posses.
4. I have one brother who was born in ’83. We are very similar in appearance and values but very different in terms of taste and demeanor. He plays the drums in a band.
5. My parents are still married to each other. I appreciate this.
6. I myself am also married, since May 27, 2000.
7. My father is a deejay. This always brought me acclaim among my peers in elementary school.
8. I am a vegetarian. It is not a phase. No, I don't eat seafood.
9. I one day realized that part of the reason I don’t like meat is because I like crunchy food best.
10. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love pudding.
11. But I hate jell-o.
12. I have always been shy around people I don’t know.
13. It doesn’t help matters when the person I don’t know has been informed that I am ‘hilarious’ and is expecting me to do something ‘crazy’ any minute. “Dance, Monkey!”
14. As I child, I always feared 1) burning alive, 2) being abducted by aliens from my bedroom, and 3) being trapped in a car underwater. I think I shouldn’t have watched Unsolved Mysteries .
15. For my entire childhood, I really wanted to be a boy. All of my friends were boys, and I really had nothing to do with anything girly.
16. This seemed to give me an advantage in later years when I entered the dating world.
17. My first car was a ’73 VW beetle. It built character.
18. My second (and current) car is a ’95 Honda Accord. I haven’t driven it in over a year. I sold the Honda in August 2003. I now have a ’68 Vespa
19. I have big feet. I am somewhere between a women’s 8.5 and 9. It is hard to find shoes in China. It is somewhat easier to find shoes in Thailand. 20. I like to read. I always have.
21. I get impatient when I watch movies. I feel like I am wasting time somehow. Recently I moved our TV into a room that we never visit. It lives there, unplugged. We haven’t missed it.
22. I like to cook.
23. My favorite drink is water. My second favorite drink is Thai Iced Tea
24. I like animals. I am attracted to ugly kittens.
25. I got my first pet at age 3. It was a white female cat who I named “Snowy”. She is still alive as of this writing. A twenty year old cat!Sadly, Snowy passed on in February of 2004. Click here to read her eulogy.
26. I have always liked the ‘underdog’, whether it be the social outcasts in human world or the afore mentioned ugly kittens.
27. I believe in God. I am a Christian.
28. My favorite sports are ice hockey and soccer. I played both. I think they are the most interesting sports to watch out of all professional sports.
29. I think baseball is REALLY boring.
30. The only video games I ever really enjoyed playing are Tetris, Pac-Man, and Punch-Out. I don’t like these new-fangled games.
31. But I do like pinball.
32. I have a variety of favorite colors for different purposes.
33. I think that grey and blue are my favorite colors for clothes, and red is my favorite color for bags.
34. Like monkeys, I am attracted to shiny, silver objects.
35. I think gold jewelry looks best on people with dark skin. Therefore I wear only silver or white gold.
36. Like dolphins, I believe in mating for life.
37. I “saved myself” for marriage.
38. I hope to have children one day, but I go through periods of doubting my potential parenting abilities. Now that I am actually a parent, I still doubt my parenting abilities.
39. I keep an offline journal in addition to this one.…that I haven’t written in at all in the past year!
40. I want to print out all these entries “one of these days”
. 41. My favorite cookies are 1) oatmeal and 2) sugar cookies.
42. When I was 19 and 20 I frequently went to the gym and also participated in 5K’s.
43. I want to get back into running “one of these days”.
44. Even though I haven’t been to the gym in about 3 years, I look the same as I did when I was working out 5 times a week. I joined a gym again in December 2003. I go about twice per week.
45. I don’t lift weights, because I have a 20 pound baby.
46. I actually experienced muscle soreness this year as a result of too many verses of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” in the classroom.True story, but now I teach college students so I don’t have a chance to do many song and dance routines.
47. When I get around to buying my own house, I want it to have some land attached to it. 5 acres or more.This is still true, but I want to stay in Asia for a while before I buy a house.
48. I am very inept at small talk.
49. Sometimes I just blurt out weird things, and I don’t know where they came from. I actually make myself laugh.
50. For instance, today a girl was complaining to me about her roommate being too loud late into the night and therefore inhibiting her sleep. I said, “Did you crap in her bed, to teach her a lesson?”
51. The second I said it, I thought to myself, “That wasn’t a very mature OR normal thing to say.”
52. In the next few years, I hope to travel extensively all over Asia.Thus far I can check “Cambodia”, “Thailand”, “China”, and “Laos” off of the list.
53. I think that #52 might be the one of my only life goals that I am remotely close to reaching at this time.
54. I like to make/create things. I am not happy performing jobs without tangible results.
55. I enjoy physical labor outdoors.
56. I don’t, however, enjoy getting ‘physicals’. I don’t like doctor-y places.
57. I have never had a cavity, so I don’t mind the dentist.
58. I have never been in a car wreck.
59. I have been on a run away horse.
60. I don’t feel comfortable around large farm animals. Especially cows. I feel weird when we make eye contact. Being in Belize helped me to cope better with horses.
61. I think free-range chickens are really cool. When I get my house and land mentioned in #47, I want to have chickens and perhaps a peacock.
62. I have always wanted a billiards table. As a child I asked my mom to sell the TV and put a pool table in the den instead. She didn’t go for it.
63. I have also always wanted to be a foster parent. I think it is a very noble cause.
64. I frequently visit a certain Haitian orphanage website and check the photo listings to make sure that ‘my kids’ haven’t been adopted yet. I am still into the prospect of international adoption. However, the Haitian orphanage closed due to civil unrest in 2004.
65. In third grade, I jumped off a balcony in our rental condo to prove to my brother that it was both “safe” and “fun”.
66. As a result of above incident, I have a scar on my pinky.
67. I also have a scar on my finger as a result of a Skee Ball accident at Chuck E. Cheese pizza.
68. Up until about 5 years ago, I thought scars were pretty awesome. Now I think they are unfeminine.
69. I often feel unfeminine because I am 5’7” (or 5’8”) and I tower over the average female. In China, I also tower over the average male. I am the tallest person I see all day when I am at work, except for the American English teacher for grade 2. Other than that, I am taller than 1) all of my students and 2) all of the Chinese teachers.I have gotten over the “unfeminine” thing since I have given birth and breastfed a baby. How much more feminine can I possibly be?
70. In middle school, I would try to slouch so that boys would be taller than me.
71. Now I say who cares? I don’t want to be a hunchback.
72. My students tell me almost everyday that I am very beautiful. It is very sweet. This hasn’t happened since I stopped teaching 1st grade, but my students in college still think my white skin is something to strive for.
73. They especially like it when I wear a sparkly barrette.
74. My last traffic ticket was in 1999 for speeding on the interstate.
75. I hope I never get another ticket. It really hurts the ol’ insurance rates.
76. I don’t mind living life in the ‘slow lane’.
77. The first c.d. I ever bought was Blind Melon’s No Rain.
78. The c.d. I bought most recently was a bootleg of Frank Sinatra hits.
79. The first tape I ever had was The Monkee’s Greatest Hits.
80. The Monkee’s Reunion Tour with Weird Al as the opener was the first concert I ever attended. I was 6.
81. As of this writing, the most recent concert I have gone to was Handel’s Messiah, and it took place in The Forbidden City in Beijing, around Christmas 2002. Now the most recent concert I have been to are shows my brother plays at coffee houses and such.
82. In high school and early college, I used to go to a lot of ‘shows’ and ‘support the scene’. But it got kind of boring because all of the kids that went were all the same and would pick fights with one another and choose allegiances.
83. I don’t really care anything at all about labels people have. I have met and enjoyed the company of people from all over the world, even if we have seemingly nothing in common.
84. It is hard for me to have respect for closed minded people.
85. My favorite scents include mint, jasmine, lavender, freshly washed baby rain and cut grass.
86. I like to take showers and baths. If I can smell and feel clean, it can put a bad day in a good light.
87. Tony Chachere’s. is the only Creole seasoning you ever need to buy. It really is good on everything, like the container says (except for cereal, ice cream, or fruit). Around here, we just call it “The Tony’s.”
88. I never really had an alcoholic drink until my honeymoon. The main incentive was that it was free. I didn’t like it.
89. My opinion is that alcohol won’t really take you anywhere you truly want to go.
90. I have never smoked ANYTHING. It is not exactly on my list of things to do before I die.
91. People often tell me that I am “real”. I guess like the Velveteen Rabbit or something.
92. Sometimes I write fan letters to various companies in the hopes that they will send me free coupons. Often times it works.
93. I am really squeamish about blood. It doesn’t matter if it is mine or someone else’s. I feel lightheaded and faint when I see it. I guess I am dainty, like Scarlet O’Hara.
94. I have a talent for making up dumb lyrics to songs that already exist.
95. I still have most of my old toys from childhood. In my parents' attic.
96. I minored in art when I was in college. My concentration was photography. I want to take more art classes one day. I really like printmaking, and I want to take some painting classes.
97. My favorite college class was Stained Glass. I made some really cool stuff, and sold a piece for $180.
98. I know the lyrics to an alarming number of pop songs from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. It only takes me one or two listens to learn a song. I also have many T.V. theme songs and commercials in my brain. They stick.
99. When I visit a new diary, I always read the “100 things” first to determine if I want to read their entries.
100. I hope that this list has won you over.

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