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days of my life

I have been procrastinating and update because I don't have pictures uploaded, but life keeps happening, so I shan't (you liked that didn't you?) delay any longer.
Well, I am officially a master's degree holder. I am still working on a pretentious title for myself. I have tossed around "the captain", but I'm not sold on it yet.
Today I had two unique experiences. First, I had my first ever date from myspace. I call it a date just for the scandal, but actually it was a reunion with an old highschool friend who located me via myspace. We went out to a fabulous lunch at a rather pricey...bistro? I had mushroom ravioli, delicious flat bread, and a creme brulee (my first EVER). We ate with her aunt who was fun and chatty and "just like one of the girls". They offered to buy me wine but sadly I haven't aquired a taste for that. I only seem to enjoy the Wal-Mart wines. Maybe I just like sugar. That's probably it.
Anyway, we attempted to share gossip on old highschool aquaintances but as it turned out neither one of us has kept up with our classmates very well. She lives in Memphis now so hopefully I can go visit her and her husband next summer. She said she could arrange free tickets to Graceland (Elvis' house). I have already been there twice but Nick hasn't, so it could be cool. I'm into Rock history.
After a fabulous lunch at a trendy hotspot I put on my rhinestone sunglasses and picked up my husband so we could go...take a standardized test. Yes, though I am The Captain, I still had to take the Praxis Exam in order to become a certified teacher. It lasted two hours and we won't know the results for four weeks. What kind of world do we live in, folks?
While I was being examed upon, my parents took Jonas to the zoo. It was his first zoo experience and from the pictures it seems like he had a great time on the choo choo, the giant water fountain (kids play in it; it's kosher), the butterfly encounter, and even the pygmy goat petting zoo. I have left him with other people before, but I think the zoo was his first official "outing" without the company of either myself or Nick.
He is also starting to use simple sentences, such as "Where is Nana?" and "Mama, are youuuu?" (where are you?). I really concentrate on not laughing at his extremely cute pronounciations.
This weeks task? We are cleaning out our possessions that have been stored since 2002 and having a ginormous GARAGE SALE. I have to get rid of all of my ugly clothes before I go crazy.

Saturday, Aug. 05, 2006 at 11:09 PM

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