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That's OK...I'm just afraid of change...

Our garage sale extravaganza was a mild success. We held it for two days and made about $400 bones. On Saturday it rained in the morning so we didn't have much of a turnout. My mom's Winnie the Pooh grown-up sized footed pj's were one of the first things to sell, much to my disturbance/suprise. The person who bought them was like, "I love these, were they yours?!" but instead of saying "Gross, never!" I just said, "Isn't that funny? Adult sized footy pajamas?" And they were like "Haha yeah I love flannel."
We also sold a broken couch, an old bicycle, some shutters, an almost broken washing machine, and some baseball cards. Those were the big-ticket items. I got desperate with the clothes and started selling "as much as you can stuff into a plastic grocery bag for $1". Interesting how something can be a part of your life for years yet other peole think it is too crappy to pay fifty cents for at a garage sale. I'm still sorting out the deeper meaning there.
I have come to the embarassing conclusion that I have developed a crush on Clinton Kelly from TLC's What Not to Wear. He never really seemed crushable before but on Friday one of the episodes showed him with messy bangs and baby blue eyes; add that to his inherent wit and energy and it's a winning combo for the Can Can. In confessing this, I understand that I am forfeiting my rights to make fun of K8, or anyone else, for finding the human hosts (be it Joe or Steve) of Blues Clues to be "hot". Even though the whole Blues Clues thing does still kind of creep me out. At least What Not To Wear isn't a kid's show. What is wrong with you perverts?
Before this my most recent "celebrity" crush was Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame. I really don't understand the person I am becomming.
Some things haven't changed: I still like to read, I get excited about going to the grocery store, I'm still meat-free since '95...
But some things have changed: my identity is no longer wrapped up in what bands I like (which used to be only punk, hardcore, or emo bands)...I really used to not even consider a guy as a potential boyfriend of he didn't like certain bands. My love for oversized clothes has dissappeared. I'm honing in on a rather boring career choice (teaching university rather than the film making I got my undegrad degree in). I actually have started to wear make-up after 26 years of fighting it and fearing it. I don't get a thrill out of buying something stupid like a power puff girls key chain anymore.
I used to think of myself as pretty spicy, but I am getting more and more vanilla as years go by.
Maybe I can't escape my vanilla roots.

Sunday, Aug. 13, 2006 at 10:50 PM

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