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What did I see in them?

Confession time.

In the clip below is the person I first remember ever having a crush on. Circa 1983, I was 3 years old. Who knows why, but I thought the man in the overhauls was the coolest thing ever. He was the reason I wore purple overhauls. His name: Jake. The show? Pinwheel on Nickelodeon.

A couple years later, Jake was replaced in my heart by Kidd. Kidd was the lead singer of the cartoon Kidd Video. He wore vests and bandanas. I loved him and wanted to be him at the same time.

I also noticed he rode a Vespa in this clip, which now I have. I wonder if there was some subliminal action there.

Later Kidd was replaced in my heart by Michael Jackson from the Thriller era.
The thesis presentation went fine, and I am FINISHED with all of my work. All I have to do is pick up my cap and gown tommorrow and practice "walking", and then graduation is on Saturday!!!! Woohoo!

Wednesday, Jul. 26, 2006 at 11:15 PM

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