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still recovering

I have felt kind of wiped out since the birthday bash. I am starting to come back to the land of the living though. I am also starting to have a bit more confidence in my abilities as a teacher. I think all it took was that one unsolicited compliment from a student. I have been teaching for almost 4 years now, and have never "felt" like a teacher. I guess because I have a mental stereotype of a person who spends hours on lesson plans, wears clothes with the alphabet (or apples) embroidered on them, and can usually be found hanging out near the laminating machine. At least that describes the Education majors at the school I went too. Another reason I feel like an impostor is because I didn't major in Education. I studied Art and Mass Communications. Although currently I am working on a Masters in Teaching.
Anyway, I do have some exciting news. This week, I will become the proud owner of a light blue '68 Vespa scooter. It has been a long time dream of mine to own one, and it is kind of surreal that it is comming true. I will post pictures after we pick it up.
I have had some audio visual difficulties. Our video camera is broken and we lost the cord to charge our digital camera. I had to borrow both of the above to record Jonas' first birthday festivities.
My mother-in-law is comming for a visit next Tuesday. She is from Tennessee and enjoys comming to visit us here every year. She likes to travel. In fact, while she is here, we hope to take a little trip to Malaysia together. Did you know that the tallest buildings in the world are in Malaysia? Now you do. There 2 of them, side by side. They are called the Petronas Twin Towers. They are 88 stories and ridiculously larger than all the other buildings around them.
One time, when we went to Bangkok, we ate dinner in a restaurant that was "formerly the tallest building in the world". Too bad for them.
Jonas is doing well. He is so healthy, not even a runny nose. I am glad to be still breastfeeding, although I wish he would start sleeping through the night again. Since his birthday party, he has received a few more gifts from people who couldn't make the party. One of these was a xylophone. I know the nanny really likes it because I was outside with Jonas and heard her playing it inside. And then later that day she played with it some more while I was trying to get Jonas to fall asleep. She keeps saying how beautiful it is. I think she means the sound is beautiful.
He also got a Tigger stuffed animal which he really likes, and a t-shirt that says "hip hop". It is kind of not my style but luckily he probably can't wear it until he is 5. People are funny about sizes they choose to buy clothes for him in.

Wednesday, Nov. 02, 2005 at 7:06 AM

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