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ugly hair

I wanted to get a haircut today. After I exercised this morning, I came home and took a shower so as not to offend the stylist with my ripeness, and then I walked to the salon. That's "salon", not "saloon". I'm talking about a hairplace. I didn't style my hair at all after showering, because I was expecting to have it cut a few moments later, you see?
Anyway, the salon was closed. No explaination; it just seems they decided to abandon me in my time of need.
So I walked back home and ate lunch, put Jonas down for a nap, and fell asleep myself. Jonas woke me up with his little "eh? eh?" vocalizing. He has this questioning sound. I think in this particular instance it meant "Mom? Mom? Naptime is over?"
Shortly after this, Nick came home with my new '68 Vespa! Woohoo! While we were in the driveway admiring it, two huge limbs/leaves fell off of our coconut tree and crashed to the ground menacingly, yet neither Nick, Jonas, the 2 Vespa guys, or Jonas expressed any alarm.
We went for a joy ride on the Vespa, and I tried to go to another hair place (I was still walking around with messed up "frazzled mom" hair.) I live in fear of being called "falang kee nok" which translates as "bird (poop, but the bad word) westerner". That is a special title that Lao and Thai people use for nasty backpackers who look like they don't bathe. I'm alot more careful about my appearance here that I ever was while living in the U.S. I even paint my toenails. Although I have come up with a snappy comeback I can use in Lao if I overhear anyone using that term for me. It involves the Lao word for "diareah" which could actually be translated as "s**t water", which I find disgusting and hilarious.
At any rate, the 2nd hair place told me to come back tommorrow, so I went to a THIRD hairplace, who also told me to come back tommorrow. So I still feel ugly.
I promise I will post pictures of the Vespa soon, possibly tommorrow.
I think diaryland is ruining my life. I get sucked in for hours at a time.
Question: What was your most embarassing hairstyle?

Wednesday, Nov. 02, 2005 at 8:59 PM

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