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The Birthday Continues!

Today was Jonas' Birthday Party Extravaganza! It turned into a block party. Over 100 people came. Yes I am serious. Over 100 people came to a 1-year-old's birthday party.
When I first arrived home from teaching, approximately 1 hour before the party was scheduled to start, there were already about 25 people there. I felt a little freaked out, but I channeled their idleness into helping me do everything. So I only had to blow up 1 baloon out of about 50.
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Everyone played with Jonas while I got food ready.
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My friend Kelly blowing up baloons and stringing them up over the driveway. I really like the sense of depth in this picture and also the sunlight is cool on her hair. Kind of like that BeachBoys song "Good Vibrations". "I. I like the colorful clothes you wear. And the way the sunlight plays upon your hair..."
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We hired a man to make banana roti for all of the party guests. He was extremely popular. By the end of the party, he had made 90.
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Lots of guests brought food to share, so that lessened my stress. I think about 3 unexpected cakes showed up.
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But these are the three cakes that I made. That is me in the purple shirt barking orders as my friends help me bring the cakes out of the house.
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I made Jonas this special little panda cake all for himself. It took a long time to make, and I expected him to go all crazy mashing it up, but he just kind of petted it and picked at it. He licked a little icing off of his fingers. The necklace he is wearing is some *bling bling* he got for his Birthday from the landlady. It is elephant bling.
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Then I thought maybe if I get him to feed it to me, he will recognize it as food and perhaps eat more. My plan didn't work. I guess we don't eat alot of cakes around the house. Maybe he didn't know what to do with it.
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Jonas got sweaty.
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This is the loot. 1 excessively huge Doreamon (popular Asian cartoon) stuffed animal, one Doreamon pillow, 1 jester hat, 3 books, 1 500 piece puzzle (obviously someone has never been around a 1-year-old), 1 "talking photo album", 2 balls, 1 plastic electric guitar, 1 penguin bib, 1 folding fan, 3 small stuffed animals (dog, frog, and pooh), 6 pairs of shorts, 7 shirts, 1 set of pajamas, and a silver braclet that says "Laos".
Quite a haul for the little man. I don't even think he realized he got any gifts. He actually fell asleep before the party was over, and then I opened his presents for him after he was asleep.
Hopefully we wore him out enough to sleep through the night tonight.
I don't know what we will do next year to top this one.

Monday, Nov. 28, 2005 at 9:34 PM

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