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highs and lows

We arrived back "home" in Laos on September 12th. Let me try to go over the highs and lows of our first week and a half back.

Bad things
1. we got back to our house, which has been packed up all summer, and everything smells moldy and mildewed. I had to throw out some spices and things from the kitchen that looked gruesome and furry.
2. the paper work for our car, which we ordered from Honda in April, still isn't done yet. We still have no car. (there is alot of crappy buracracy here. sorry if I can't spell "buracracy" what is it now?)
3. Jonas has been sick for about 4 days. We took him to the hospital in Thailand yesterday and they wanted to admit him for 2 days because they thought he might have some pnemonia or bronchitis. We called our insurance company (they have to pre-approve hospital admissions) and they said no. So...I am taking him to a friend who is a doctor tonight, and maybe he will give me advice as to if I should take him back to the hospital or not. They did a chest x-ray, which I didn't like because they exposed his entire head to radiation.
4. As a bonus for number 3, they did a nebulizer treatment on him in which he had to be still and breathe through a mask for FIVE MINTUES. He screamed the whole time and we had to restrain him. It sucked.
5. Our kitchen is leaking water from the ceiling, so I can't put any food away. I feel out of sorts and disorganized.
6. Between being sick and jet lag, Jonas hasn't slept through the night since we have been here.
7. Nick lost his cell phone (a camera phone!) when we were out at a restaurant a few days ago.
8. I miss my mom.

Good things
1. I have been able to study Lao language for the past 2 weeks.
2. We found a really sweet nanny who Jonas LOVES, and she agreed to work for cheaper than we had planned to pay. I am only working part time, but we still need a good nanny, you know?
3. We got a new toaster yesterday (I am trying hard to look on the bright side).
4. Oh, I got a new haircut the day before we left America. Everyone seems to love it. It is really super short, like maybe 3 inches long total.
5. Our landlord said he was going to build us a new kitchen in October (I hope it is a good one!)
6. I have been going to bed at like 8 or 9 PM, so Jonas waking up 3 times every night hasn't zombiefied me yet.
7. I didn't have to go to any meetings this afternoon.
8. By going to the doctor with Jonas yesterday, I missed yet even more potentially boring meetings.

Okay. That is the best I can do right now. Give me love.

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005 at 4:04 PM

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