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la reunion

WOOHOO! This is me after being reunited with my email. It was not functional for 8 days, which doesn't sound that long, but Hurricane Katrina happened during that time and people were wondering if I was alive or not because I am in Alabama. I had 83 emails.
On Saturday I am flying back to Laos. This time the trip is being undertaken with a very active TEN month old. I feel like [[Kate]] because I have been thinking alot about Jonas' first birthday comming up. She talked about her sons one year birthday for about 2 months before the fact. I have already bought the bear shaped cake pan, and some "Happy 1st Birthday" balloons and hats. I don't really plan on inviting any other babies to the party. Just people my age. Is that bad?

Well, I'm in the mood to read now so I better get away from the computer before it sucks me in for 2 hours of random website viewing.


Tuesday, Sept. 06, 2005 at 9:02 PM

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