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sick baby

By the way, I guess I should mention that Jonas started walking about 3 weeks ago! He walked for real on September 7th or 8th. He gets around quite well now.
So here is the summary of our Bangkok Hospital trip: Jonas has Bronchitis and/or Walking Pneumonia. He had no fever but lots of phlem (nice word, eh?) in his lungs. We went to the doctor every day for 4 days and he had a nebulizer treatment each day. 2 times he cried really miserably, once he was asleep, and once he did well because the nurses danced around in front of him the whole time and he was amused.
He was given medicine. He has 1) an antibiotic 2)an antihistamine 3) an expectorant 4) a steroid 5)singluair (whatever that is) 6) and an inhaler with a mask that he is supposed to "take 20 puffs 2 times per day" from.
It is not much fun at all giving medicine to a very active 11 month old. He also has a strong gag reflex which results in occassional vomiting after he takes medicine. It is sad and awful to see.
Now, after going to the hospital every day for 4 days, I have a head cold. Germy kids rule!
At one time Jonas was playing with a little baby doll in the waiting room and he dropped it (actually threw it, he is into that right now) REALLY close to some other kid's pile of BARF on the ground. It grossed me out so bad. I took the doll to the bathroom and washed it with soap.
p.s, Happy 22nd Birthday to Uncle Chi Chi!

Monday, Sept. 26, 2005 at 8:04 PM

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