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the curse

I didn't tell you something freaky that happend last Sunday. Alot of the Catholics in the Philipines are really animistic, kind of like Catholics in Mexico (they kind of incorporate their folk beliefs and superstitions into the religion). Anyway, these Filipino ladies heard that I was pregnant, and they decided that I must be craving to eat their 2 year old grand daughter/ daughter, so that explains why the child herself hasn't had an appetite. At the very least, that is bogus simply because I am a vegetarian. I have been craving green mangoes, not child flesh.

Their solution was to come over to my house first thing in the morning before I had eaten anything, so that I could spit on my finger and draw a cross onto her stomach out of my saliva. Sounds like a cure to me.

Actually I squirmed my way out of the duty because I'm not a big fan of witch craft. The girl looks fine, I saw her yesterday. My brother didn't eat his entire childhood (between the ages of 3-14), and he now lives a productive life.


Sunday, May. 02, 2004 at 8:28 PM

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