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baby craze

I have been spending time over the last two days registering for baby stuff at an internet store. I remember that registering for gifts was probably also the most fun part of the wedding process. It is like winning a shopping spree. I have been poor my whole life, so it is amazing to just point to something with my magic-scan gun-wand and say "Let it be mine!", and the way it works is, someone buys it for you. It is a miracle of technology combined with human generosity.

Also, looking at the digital images of baby paraphenalia is making me more excited about owning my very own newborn child. Just look at this stuff , you can't help but get excited about those fancy cloth diapers! Okay, maybe YOU can control the excitement, but I sure can't. And I don't have anyone to giggle about it with. Somehow, husbands and single girlfriends cannot share in this excitement.

One bummer is that I can't register for the BIG STUFF, like cribs and changing tables, because when I fly back to Laos after my American Baby Parties, I have a certain luggage allowance. So somehow I have to find a polite way to appeal for cold, hard cash in order to meet expensive baby needs in Bangkok. Bangkok is where the good shopping is.

This is week 14. Woo!


Thursday, May. 06, 2004 at 12:06 PM

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