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sweet-n-low memories

My "gold membership" expires in 11 days. Awesome.

I always reflect on the lives of the people I grew up with. We had many shared experiences as children and 'teens', but our lives took such different paths. Alot of times, I feel depressed when I think about it all.

Lets think about the people I spent the most time with:

My best friend from highschool was extremely creative and unique and personable. She was the type of person whom EVERYONE liked. Boys wanted to date her, girls wanted to be her best friend. Yet, she was also down to earth. Everyone expected great things from her. Currently she is working at chain coffee shops and daydreaming about being an artist. She often speaks wistfully of wanting to work in other countries, but then decides she 'doesn't know where to start'. *sigh*

My best friend from youth group got married a month after I did, but in the four years since, our lives have gone in opposite directions. She owns a house and has a regular office job. We are still friends, but man are our lives different.

Another close friend joined the Air Force our junior year of college. She did it to take care of herself, as her world was falling apart. A friend of ours had died in a car accident, which led her into depression. Then her mom married some jerk who refused to help support my friend anymore, who was then 19. I haven't heard from her since 2000.

My highschool boyfriend got a girl pregnant in 2001 and decided to marry her. He is still married, but hasn't yet grown up. He buys coffee beans, roasts them himself, packages them and sells them to area businesses.

This other boy who I had a crush on and hung out with alot after the highschool boyfriend dumped me has begun to make his way in the art world. It is suprising, because he was one of those 'outdoors' types in highschool. I always felt that we couldn't really have much of a relationship because I didn't own hiking boots or know anything about brands like 'gramichi'. But now he makes art out of taxidermied animal parts, and people like it. He switched over to a bubble-gum-fashion persona.

Another guy I was friends with since elementary school decided to become a lawyer, or, as he put it 'a snake'. His mom says he always brings home girls who are whores. She laments that he doesn't bring home 'nice girls'. Its a shame.

My freshman year roomate and highschool friend got married in 2002. She went to grad school for social work and moved to Florida.

Another close friend became a hippy, followed some hippy bands for a while, took about 7 years to finish college, and has now moved to North Carolina. I forgot why.

Another girl friend got involved in hard drugs, contracted some STD's, but later settled down and is now thriving at community college.

aye yie yie.


Friday, Feb. 27, 2004 at 10:44 AM

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