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road trip

It is no secret that the diary has been suffering as of late. But, what is one to do when one has a blossoming social life, a work out plan, and good water pressure?

On Thursday I had a fabulous and educational day visiting with my friend Sheba and also visiting Jenny's grandparents for a rousing game of dominoes and a good pecan brownie. I was also not allowed to leave without a can of rootbeer and three roses from the garden. Grandparents are the greatest; I really need to look into getting me a pair of those.

In order for these encounters to occur, I had to travel with Jenny outside of the Birmingham city limits and into the part of Alabama that is frightening. I must have been working it something fierce while riding in the passenger side of her SUV, because I got several honks from passing truckers. I give all of the credit to my new plaid capri pants. The highlight of the day was when we were stopped at a red light and the big rig beside us honked. I looked over to see a large, bearded, smoking man holding up a bag of fresh peaches in order to inquire as to if I would like to consume one. I wanted a peach, but since I couldn't figure out a way to accept it from him without getting out of the car and into a potentially awkward situation, I politely refused.


Friday, Jul. 25, 2003 at 10:48 PM

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