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Last year before I left for my Excellent Chinese Adventure I went on a camping trip (GOCO= 'girls only camp out') to Grayton Beach with two of my girl friends. This year we attempted to have a sequel, which lasted only one and a half days due to inclement weather.

The very first evening we lay down in our newly pitched tent we were greeted by violent thunder and lightening storms and a deluge of rain that turned our campsite into one gigantic puddle. We slept not a wink and when day finally broke we gathered up our dripping sleeping bags and headed to the nearest laundry mat to dry them. We ate our breakfasts of bagels in a zombie-like state while watching the three-day weather forecast on the cafe television. Not one ray of sun ever darkened our pale white bodies, but at least we still have our friendship. *sigh*


Wednesday, Jul. 23, 2003 at 4:20 PM

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