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Gah! I am socially exhausted. Wednesday through Friday of last week I was up until the we hours of the morn catching up with old friends, eating, talking, trying to come up with "stories about China" to appease their curiosities...Saturday and Sunday I journeyed to Tennessee to visit the inlaws.

Some of the questions that people come up with are extremely trite: "So. Do they have good food over there?" "Uh. How long was the flight back?" "They drink tea?"

My goodness. I am continually lamenting the decreasing intelligence level of the American populace, as a whole. It is quite depressing. When I have offspring, I will probably resort to homeschooling, just so they won't be stupid. Doesn't anyone read books any more?

Another thing that is a challenge about being back in the States is that I HAVE NO MONEY! It doesn't matter as much in Asia, because you can feed three people with one U.S. dollar. If you tried that in the U.S., you would have a meal of peanut butter crackers.

Send love in the form of money orders.


Monday, Jul. 14, 2003 at 4:07 PM

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