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Goodbye, Red Brick Road

Last night I spent the night with my friend Molly! We had fun, we have known each other since we were two and we were BFF all through middle school and highschool. We pretty much looked at old pictures last night and laughed our pants off.

I am graduating from college on December 14, 2001. I am going to miss Montevallo alot. I already miss living there, being as how I am a commuter now. Life was so simple in Montevallo. You have 3 restaurants, one movie rental store, two grocery stores...you don't have to strain your brain worrying about 'where to go' because there is no where to go. You just settle down and have fun with your friends. But once in a while you get that gleam in your eye and say "LETS GO TO BIRMINGHAM!" and everyone gets the giggles because it is a special occasion to go to Birmingham to wine, dine, or go to Wal-Mart.

I am going to miss this job. Probably the easiest job I will ever have. Getting minimum wage to sit at a desk and play on the computer.

I will miss the mass communications building. I spent so much time in there, it was like I lived there. Always working on a project or checking out "Hot or Not" with friends on the computer, or chatting with Dr. Scott.

I will miss my art friends. I hope I see them again after I leave. I will miss Lindy and Bailey and Allison and even the people I don't talk to as much like Mary and Gena and Emily.

I will miss the darkroom. How long will it be before I have access to a darkroom again?

I will miss lunch breaks with the makeout club. I will miss Casey and Jenny and Adam.

I will miss knowing that all of my friends are somewhere on campus at any given moment.

I will miss walking around and realizing that I know tons of people.

Yes, I will miss Lucky's grocery store and the cute little buggies.

I will miss Orr Park with the spooky faces in the trees.

I will miss Jenny Jones at work, and the ladies in business affairs telling me about their families.

I will miss the free newspapers I get out of the dorms when one of my friends lets me in the dorms.

I will miss the security of knowing I will never get a parking ticket as long as I have my red tag.

I will miss being able to watch daytime Court TV shows on Fox when I get my work done early.

I will miss wearing the same clothes all week and no one saying a thing about it.

I will miss asking attractive boys to get topless for me to take a picture of them for my photography class.

I will miss honest critiques about my art work.

I'm scared.And sad.

O, Death


Thursday, Nov. 29, 2001 at 11:16 AM

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