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The Striz-okes

Saturday me and Chi Chi went to see The Strokes at the Music Hall. We got there at 8pm (when they were supposed to be starting) and there was a line half a block long, starting at the door of the music hall. We took our place in line, and it was raining. The outlook: not good. A rumour was circulating through the line that the show was SOLD OUT and we had narry a ticket. But we decided to stay in line, just in case. I saw my old friend, Scary John, and his new wifey. They hung out with us in line, even though they were smarter than us and already had tickets via Ticket Master.

We got to the door. They checked our I.D.'s. I got a stamp. Then we got to the ticket window. Verdict: NOT SOLD OUT, BABY!!! We saw those crazy Strokes. And a not so crazy opening act "Cut Grass". Oy Vey. So i got to hang out with Scary John, my brother, and the Strokes. Then when we left some girl was handing out free CD's so we each got a Strokes CD with three songs on it and a "Handsome Devil" CD with two songs on it. Yay!!

And me, I ain't never gonna understand...


Monday, Nov. 26, 2001 at 10:04 AM

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