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Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving. You want to hear about it, yes? Nick and I went to Chatanooga in the morning and eventually ate at his sister's house at 3pm. I know! Gee whiz, my people eat EARLY, i was dying waiting for 3pm to roll around. There was one thing that made the season bright: arcade Ms. Pac-Man. Nick's sister is one of those corporate types who spares no indulgence for her children. So they have some slamin' toys. I got up to the pear level in Ms. Pac Man, and Nick got all the way through all the fruit and then back to where he watched "Act 3" two times! Eventually those magic pellets didn't do anything to the ghosts when he ate them. (note: the above paragraph won't make sense to anyone who is not an pac-man afficionado). There were a bunch of people there who I didn't know, and Nick didn't know them either. They were people like Nick's brother-in-law's mom's half brother. Crazy ol' South.

Speaking of the South, our Thanksgiving Dinner is today. My Mom and Dad and brother will be in attendance, along with my dad's radio partner's family. Who is missing from this equation? NICK! He has to work because he thought that DINNER meant SUPPER, and every southerner knows that DINNER is LUNCH and SUPPER is of course the last meal of the day. Hmph.

One thing I do like about the South is...we are the only region in the U.S. that really has their own, unique culture.


We are hopeful. Not weak at heart. We're even stronger than before.


Saturday, Nov. 24, 2001 at 9:59 AM

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