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Updates might be a little more far between now that I had to give my dad his laptop back. Sorry, but life is like that some times.

Yesterday...Mass Comm field trip! It was not as fun as it sounds. The fun part came after the field trip when Jen Jen and Case and Mandy came to my house for some down home cooking. Alright! We had bonding time! Look at me, i have friends!

Last night I was very dazzled by the Micheal Jackson special. I have to confess, I am just one of those people. I belonged out there in the audience screaming and crying with the best of them. I have loved Micheal Jackson since i was three years old. I had a thriller sweat shirt, a sparkley glove, Micheal Jackson stickers, and a Micheal Jackson toy microphone.

As I grew older, I watched Captain EO, the disney 3-D movie staring Micheal Jackson, The Jacksons:An American Dream movie on VH1 that chronicles the rise of the Jackson family from poor folks in Gary, Indiana to Mo-Town stars. I have the Oprah/Micheal Jackson interview (circa 1995) on tape, I bought a Micheal Jackson biography at the dollar store, I dressed as Micheal Jackson while my 4 other friends were Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Jackie Jackson, and we performed such hits as "ABC", "Stop: The Love You Save," and "I'll Be There." I now own the Jackson 5 boxed set, and I used to have the original HIStory album that had the offensive "Jew me, screw me" lyrics that were later censored. For some idiodic reason which i regret, i sold it.

Micheal! I love youuuu!


Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2001 at 10:15 AM

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