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partially nude menfolk

Last night I spent the night in the dorm with JenJen's friend M.M.M. from M. The first time i spent the night with her i got chiggers, but this time it was all good. So don't worry about me.

Last night was also the night i reshot my portrait project. I couldn't use my same model because he had to work, so i used Casey's roomate Day Day. It was kind of weird since i didn't know the guy but i greatly appreciated it. I was thinking today how it is pretty strange how i can get guys i don't even know to get partially naked and allow me to take pictures of them. I mean, i for sure wouldn't do that for a GUY i didn't know. I would think he had ill designs on my womanhood or something. So, what is it that drives these boys to de-robe infront of my camera? I am intrigued. Ah, the privilaged life of an artist...

Today I shoot adam in the woods. That sounds violent doesn't it? I mean i am going to take pictures, not pump him full of lead.

What is wrong with you.

"i know we agreed to see other people, and I got married, but I want to get back together again!"

--Spuds McKinsey talking to Janitor Adam


Thursday, Nov. 15, 2001 at 12:51 PM

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