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Yesterday I ate dinner with Bailey at NEW CHINA. It wasn't so bad. The tofu was floppy though. We like it chewy. Not floppy. Bailey paid for it because I always type his papers for school. I hung out at his place for a little while, and finally went on home about 7:30pm. I wondered why the front door was locked, since nick was home. When I went inside he said that his bank had been robbed that evening! (he works at a bank). The guy handed one of the tellers a note that said "give me all of your 20's" or something like that. She thought that he was kidding and looked up at him smiling, and he said "Hurry up!". So she did it and he left. And so far, he got away with $1,000. Well. I'll be a monkey's uncle. The year 2001 and someone can get away with bank robbery. There was a man standing behind the robber in line who saw the whole thing, and some big burly construction workers chewed him out for not alerting them to his shehanigans so that they could tackle the offender. Stupid yellow-belly.

This morning Nick and his crew had to go in early for counseling, provided by the bank, which is required after you go through a robbery. Fer cryin' out loud.

So. That is my life, or the life i live vicariously through my husband, as it is today.

Tommorrow we go to Mississippi for early thanksgiving. Hoo-rah!

Nobody move. Nobody gets hurt. Unless they get a charlie horse from standing in the same position for too long.


Friday, November 9, 2001 at 10:28 AM

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