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road rage

Yesterday after audio class I hung out with Jenny and Pie. We made a 'radio show' in the recording booth. Sometimes the things we do remind me of things me and Chip used to do in elementary school. We too had a "radio show" via audiotape in 1988 called "The Star Stage Band Show". We had this fisher-price microphone called the "Star Stage" because it had lights on it. And we would play our little keyboard and sing songs and tell jokes. For some reason I thought that radio announcers always screamed instead of talking regularly. I should have known, i mean my dad being a deejay and all.

I didn't have alot to do in photography class, being as how I ruined my negatives and everything so i have nothing to print right now. So i just hung around and talked to Lindy and Allison and then we went out to the coffee house and had girl bonding time. Isn't that so college student of us?

I got home and nick had bought me some stuff!!! The Muppet Movie dvd and a Bing Crosby CD. Is he the best husband in the world or what?

All through the night biscuit layed on my back and legs so i could barely move. I guess she is feeling 'needy' lately. This morning I encountered some road construction. It went like this: I got of the exit for my school, and then i was stoped by a flaggman for like 20 minutes. I was the first car in the line of stopped cars. After 20 minutes elapsed, he walked over to my car and gave me explicit instructions on how to drive to the next flaggman. Well, while he was giving me instructions, CARS STARTED WHIPPING AROUND US! and then when i started to drive, they honked at me like i was the one CUTTING in front of THEM!!! Hello!! Like i had been waiting for 20 minutes to TALK to the CONSTRUCTION WORKER! Argggh!! It made me so mad. Then i took out my road rage on Jenny. Sorry Jenny, Can Can still loves you, she just gets mad some times.

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Thursday, Nov. 08, 2001 at 11:21 AM

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