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Chuck E Cheese!!!

Yesterday after work Nick and I went out to eat with two of our friends and one of their friends. We were planning on eating mexican but the extra friend need to carbo-load for the 10K he was to run the next morning. So. We went to CHUCK E CHEESE!!!! Thanks to my mad skee-ball skills i earned a pair of chopsticks, some watercolors, and some stickers from the vast selection of prizes. Well, my mad skills were helped by some bored man who was apparently at Chuck E Cheese by himself playing skee-ball who for some unknown reason decided to give me his fat wad of tickets. Sadly, I have a severe cramp in my back from leaning down in order to reach the kid-sized skee ball ramp. It is not made for tall people. I could have flirted with the prize giver guy more and gotten more stickers if Nick hadn't walked up and hugged me. Doh!

Today we trekked to Mississippi for an early thanksgiving celebration. All of my cousins are like ten years older than me so they have babies of their own now. I guess my second-cousins or something. So. There were five babies running/lying around. I held 2 month old Macey for like 1.5 hours. I think everyone forgot about her since she wasn't crying or anything. She would open her eyes and look a me and get all red and threatening like she was about to scream, then i would shift her around and emphasize the pacifier and she would settle down for another 20-30 minutes. It was easy! But, I still question wanting to have children.

"i got a new game. I want to play it. It is called mario twins. Whoa."


Saturday, Nov. 10, 2001 at 9:55 PM

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