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Hello. My name is Can Can and I watch the Ellen Show.

Friday nights are not the most exciting times for me. Reason being, i work until 6p.m. and get home tired, knowing that I have to get up at 5:20a.m. to be a slave to the grinds (coffee humor! wah wah wahhhh!) again. So, my Friday nights are reserved for the Ellen show and an early bedtime. I might have mentioned before, but I think I am the only person on the planet who thinks Ellen Degeneres is funny. Boyce at work made fun of me for it. But that is okay, he is just a silly philosophy student with white shoes. I hate white shoes. My mom has this thing where she has to wear all white tennis shoes, or its just not cool. I went with her a couple weeks ago when she went shoe shopping and talked her into getting some all white ghetto style PUMA's. Crazy ol' mom...

I am all alone tonight, just me and Biscuit. Nick went to catch a movie with his buddies. I was invited but, blah. You know?

I have to get something together for my photo shoot on monday. I am going to get one of my male friends to be "Adam," as in "adam and eve", and then get this other girl to dress as a witch holding an apple, for like a garden of eden/snow white kind of thing. I know, its retarded. But i'm so sick of 'deep' stuff in art land. I love photography though.

I have to give a shout out to Case for comming to my rescue when a certain someone was insisting on holding me in a long conversation. That guy is starting to creep me out, buddy.

In the news of the sad, i lost the bettie necklace on ebay. I hope Case had better luck with the Spinal Tap paraphernalia.

My drunken neighbors are arguing loudly. I hear every word. Actually it doesn't matter if they are yelling or not, I hear them all the time. This might be a call-the-cops sort of night.

I'm ready for some Beer, Bands and Bingo, minus the Beer and the Bands.

Does she even KNOW anything about dog shows? I don't THINK so.


Friday, Nov. 02, 2001 at 8:46 PM

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