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halloween fun?

Yesterday we voted for "Who's Who" among Me, Jenny, Casey and Pie. Then we took pictures, just like a High School yearbook. I will post them some day soon.

Halloween, what can i saw about it...hmmm. I dressed up in my Cyndi Lauper costume at about 4:45pm after me and Allison got back from the Thrift Store in search of costumes and props for studio photography.

I assisted the photo shoot in my Cyndi Lauper attire. One of the models was a man wearing nothing but fishnet tights and butterfly wings. Allison said "You can keep the fishnet tights." Haha.

Then I went home to Nicky poo. He threw together an impromptu nerd costume and we went out to this weird club/bar kind of place for the costume contest. It was really freaky. I got hit on by this man who could have been my dad's friend. After that I didn't stray to far from Nick. This other sloppy lady kept pulling up my Cyndi Lauper dress. It was annoying, i wanted to punch her in the face, because she was so drunk i knew i could take her. But I thought it would be pretty embarassing to get thrown out of a bar for brawling. So goes my Halloween, 2001. Hooray?

it would be in the same key, i think


Thursday, Nov. 01, 2001 at 11:18 AM

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