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Today is Nick's 24th birthday. Man, the mid twenties already! I feel old and i'm 21. I'm old skool. Speaking of which, i did go to a RUN DMC show last weekend. Jam Master Jay is the king. Er, something. Really, it was alot of fun, except for the crowd. I don't like crowds. When i go to regular shows i usually end up working a merch table or standing on the stage. I hate being smushed. At Furnace Fest last year i was Security. That means i checked in bands and gave out tickets/wristbands and got to stand on the stage to see Stairwell, Squad 5-0, Blindside, Stretch Armstrong, Twothirtyeight, Juliana Theory, Legends of Rodeo, Cool Hand Luke, and anyone else who tickled my fancy. Then when there was a band i didn't want to see, i would go work the gates again. I received rude treatment from New Found Glory.

Nick just called to say that he is tied up at work (busy, not tied with ropes) so we can't go out to lunch for his birthday like we planned. I tried to cheer him up, he sounded frustrated. What a crummy birthday, eh?

Today i cleaned out the car in preparation for our trip to the coast in honor of Nicks birthday and our one year wedding anniversary. I also washed our duvet cover. It had blood on it from Nicks nose bleeds, a small urine stain from when Biscuit was younger, and its overall whiteness was marred by a yellow/brownish tinge. I realized that I had not washed it since about 1998 or so. And in that time it has served as bedding on friends floors, a drawing table, a lounging zone. That duvet cover was way over due for a cleaning. Quite ripe. It probably had mites in it. Hopefully they died in the flesh burning, exoskeleton popping heat of the dryer. Mwahahaha!

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2001-05-25 at 1:55 p.m.

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