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sloth--not just a cute animal that moves slowly in the rain forrest

I finished my stained glass projects yesterday...so no more school for me until July 10th. I haven't had a break from school that long in over two years. And now i notice something: i don't know how to waste time anymore. I feel guitly doing nothing. And i think that is bad. Because it is when you are doing nothing that you have time for reflection about your soul. When you are busy, its easy to ignore that you have gotten far away from God.

Today I did laundry and read a book. I started feeling restless so i made up my brothers bed and put away some of his clothes. I would have done more but i made myself stop. Why do i feel like a sloth when i'm not working on 3 or 4 different projects? Is school my anti-drug? or is it my actual drug??? Eek!

we don't need no thought control


2001-05-24 at 3:59 p.m.

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