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all she wants to do is DANCE!



As you all know (or may very well not know...) i have a roomate who has a girlfriend who he met on the internet and decided to move into our apartment. You might recall that I was not happy with this and became increasingly less happy each day of the three and a half months that she continued to live with us and not talk to me. (i suggested medication for those social anxiety disorders...my advice was not taken). Well...yesterday brad tells me that THEY ARE MOVING OUT THIS WEEKEND! I felt like jumping up and clicking my heals...but instead i just nodded somberly.


I bet my diary entries will be more bubbly now. Look at me, i am bubbling already. I don't even care that when brad leaves i will no longer have a couch or a television. I will entertain myself by laying in the middle of the floor where the funiture used to be and making wood angels. Ha ha!

But as for now, until they are completely gone forever (he told me i could come over any time, to which my mind silently replied "Yeah, right! You won't be seeing me anytime soon!")i will try to conceal my excitement in order to not appear insensitive about the failure of our three year friendship.

All of you are invited to have a party at my house on...lets say...June seventeenth. Be there. Bring snack foods and plastic cups. I have a C.D. player, Scrabble®, Star Wars Monopoly®, and a big empty room. Who could ask for anything more?

Ahhhhh. That was my sigh of relief.

I love you all! mwa! mwa! (those were kisses that i blew to you! catch them!)

I'm walkin on sunshine! Whoa-oh!


2001-06-08 at 8:02 p.m.

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