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the one where i'm not a wimp anymore

Well...i went to my friend Molly's b'day party last tuesday...it was at this restaurant called "Joe's Crab Shack", which belongs in a town with a beach. We don't have a beach. Its the kind of place that serves alcohol in three foot tall plastic cups with a twisty straw.High class, yes?

So anyway it was not a place that I would have picked but then again it was not my birthday. True? Molly got intoxicated which was sort of amusing but also sad. I had never seen her drunk before, and it was sort of pathetic to see someone i love get all sloppy for no reason. She just got drunk for the sake of getting drunk. I don't think i have ever been drunk. It was so stereotypical. She even slurred that she loved me. I started laughing even though i knew she meant it for real.

Virginia was with me at the birthday party. That John Cougar song "Jack and Dianne" came on while we were there. And we quipped about how our life is indeed 'going on' even though usually 'the thrill of living is gone.'

Not to sound jaded or anything. I have my happy moments, but life is hard. And the older you get the more your childhood friends and heros let you down. I'm talking about one thing in particular, but Molly getting shamelessly drunk in front of her closest friends and with her husbands encouragement is one such incodent. Sad sad.

Hey, i actually did something instead of just whinning: i talked to brad. I said 'When is Valerie going to move out." He gave me the usual lame excuse about her not having enough money even though she has been working now for 2 months and not paying any bills. So i just broke it down for him and said that its uncomforatable for nick and I, we don't agree with a man and woman living together who aren't married, sharing a bed, etc, etc...we think it is WRONG (does that make me intolerant? i don't care! woohoo!), she wasn't part of the bargain when we signed the lease...and either BOTH of them should move out together or SHE should LEAVE A.S.A.P!

so. he finally agreed. and they cleaned the bathroom. score!!

i'm almost free!


2001-05-21 at 3:28 a.m.

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