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tag team, back again

And that's all? What's up with that.

I have been so busy these days. But it is almost over. I have finished my fifteen minute video about thegetawayvehicle for my senior project. Right now i am waiting for the 'special computer' so that i can do my non-linear editing project. The first week in may, my school life will slow down alot. Hooray! I am totally distracted right now because I am in the computer lab at school and a class is meeting in here at the same time! They are talking about weird stuff like Batman. Uh.

Nick has sinusitis and bronchitis these days. He has stayed home from work for three days straight! I haven't done that since about third grade. I guess i am a survivalist or something, even when i feel like i am about to die from illness, i drag myself about my daily routines, taking it like a champ. I actually had perfect attendance every year since fourth grade. That's 4th-12th, folks, and i never missed a single day! Convieniently, my relatives always seemed to die during the summer or three-day-weekends, so i never had to miss school for funerals either. Isn't that the greatest? Woo.

Sorry this diary sucks this time, i am just going to have to get used to being witty and creative again.

you make me feel like a natural woman. (i guess)


2001-04-18 at 1:01 p.m.

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