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i feel like poop

Bleh. I have been sick since sunday morning. I haven't been puking or anything but i always feel the constant threat that i might. My head hurts alot, but at least i don't have snot. Ooo. That rhymed.I don't want to eat anything, the sight of food is repulsive right now. I woke up at 6 this morning starving so i drank some soy milk and went back to bed until Nick woke me up at like 7:30, then he left for work and i slept some more until 8:30. Took a shower, came to work. That is where I am now. I feel feeble.

I was wallowing on the bedroom floor looking for my school books (in agony) and I started having all of these delirious thoughts. I was imagining that I would probably pass out soon from the exersion, and that I would call Brad's shack up sweetie in there to help me. But I couldn't think of her name so i was like "what if i just called her 'mooch'? hahaha!" She has been mooching for 4 months now. Recently my heart sank as i heard her on the phone talking about purchasing a new Rav 4. (its a car). If she buys a 2001 car, there is no way she is every going to move out because then she will have car payments. I cleaned the bathroom really well last night because I was grossed out by the poop skids in the toilet that either her or brad had left. Then i emptied the garbage can and took it into my room. No more community garbage in the bathroom! I am so sick of being their maid. They never take out the garbage, and they expect me to tend to valerie's used tampons? What the crap? I don't even think so.

This week is exam week. My final photography critique is at 1:30 today. I wonder what she is going to say about my work. I pulled out alot of alternative processes this time: painting on the photographs, scratching the negative, layering negatives. Wild and zany stuff. If i had a scanner, i might show you.

i wonder how long i am going to hate food. will my bones break? will my hair fall out? egad. I just ate 'lunch' : about three crackers. What is wrong with me??

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2001-04-30 at Monday 11:34 a.m.

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