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can can turns 21!

Hey guess what, i turned 21 yesterday! Yee haw! i had a really fun birthday. i ordered a mango daquari at the indian restaurant that i went to for my *birthday dinner*, just because you are supposed to do that. The waiter was like 'can i see your i.d.' to which i obnoxiously replied 'why YES you CAN!'. i couldn't help it, it was my birthday, i was feeling cheeky. but the drink was gross i couldn't finish it. it wasn't the frozen kind.

I got up earlier than i had to on wednesday so that i could get some photography done and then slack off the rest of my BIRTHDAY!. it worked out well, i skipped astronomy class and nick skipped half a day of work and we hung out at home from about 3-5, doing dishes and vaccuuming and watching Judge Joe Brown. I wanted the house to look decent when my two best pals MOLLY and VIRGINIA came over after my birthday dinner. I made it clear this year that i seriously wanted no presents, because i have so much crap already. it worked out really good because molly got me a birthday cake, which i didn't have,and virginia gave me a barbie suitcase she found in the garbage and some paper she made in her mixed media class. and you will never guess what nick got me. go ahead, guess. flowers? no. a skooter? no. sea monkeys? nope....you won't guess...he got me KARATE LESSONS! woohoo! haha. three months worth of karate lessons. i am excited, he said he might even sign up with me. i would like that better. then we can practice at home. tee-hee.

So after we went out to eat we rented a movie, and some guy backed into molly's car in the parking lot so that kind of sucked. But we watched "Almost Famous," which was pretty cool, except for the 'deflowering scene.'

Brad has not said anything about my birthday. Some friend, jerk face! My birthday has been the same date for the three years we have been friends! I remember his, january 17th. I am waiting until its really to late for him to play it off, then in two weeks i'll be like, so where is my birthday card, you male prostitute?

well, ill probably leave out the 'whore' reference. its just too bad he doesn't give a crap about me. i worked hard to make him not feel like a third wheel when he would always hang out with me and nick. i really cared about him and worried about him, because he was really depressive over a girl situation. i feel kind of stupid now, i totally wasted my energy on a selfish selfish person. I feel used. i can't wait for the lease to run up.

oh yeah, you have to know this: SASSY RAN AWAY!

What is crazy is that they haven't even looked for her. they acted so hurt when i would say stuff about 'their cat' but they never would remember to let her in at night or let her out in the morning and they would close the door to the room where her food and litter pan were so she couldn't get to them. And now she is gone and they don't give a crap. then they get offended when i said 'sassy peed my clothes' or 'sassy ate biscuits food'. idiots. If you love her so much, find her. If i was sassy, i would have run away a long long time ago.

they have fingers sore from pointing


2001-04-12 at 12:01 p.m.

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