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pee you

Where did this week go? I woke up late this morning so i didn't get a shower. I guess i forgot to turn on my alarm clock. heh heh. thats ok, i work at the coffee shop this afternoon so the freshly ground coffee scent should mask any bodily odors i might emit.

Wednesday i went to hear John Dugdale speak. He is really cool, he is this 90% blind photographer, he uses cyanotype for his printing process. His work is amazing because it is so real and genuine. He is a very feeling person. I might buy his book.

Yesterday my photography class was cancelled because my teacher had to take John Dugdale to the airport. So i went home and i hardly knew what to do with myself, i am not used to free time these days. I made some bread dough in the bread machine and made foccacia bread with it, then i made speghetti. After that me and nick went to the grocery store and bought decaf coffee, latkes and sugar and spent the rest of the night watching part of some funny old pirate movie starring walter mathou. we had checked it out from the library. But i got tired and went to bed at 10. I had to stay up until 2am the night before to finish a photography project. Not because i procrastinated, either!

Time is nowhere to be found when you need it.

This weekend me and Nick are going camping(saturday night)! Yay! Not really roughin' it camping, but camping at a state park camp ground. I am excited, i never get to go outside. I don't even want to go outside in my neighborhood because i hate it when people ask me for drugs or something. I DON'T DO DRUGS!

Nick wants to go to the XFL game Sunday. (gross). He can go by hiself! oooo! and i am sure he will. hehe.

Valerie (brad's internet girlfriend) finally talked to me some because i IMed her while i was at work, and when i got home she talked to me. She even offered to wash some dishes! That's what i'm talkin' 'bout! There is hope afterall.

I hope work doesn't drag on today.

i never find out, 'till i'm head over heels.


2001-03-09 at 14:34:34

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