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saturday =smiles

Boo! I don't usually update the ol' diary on the weekends, but what the hey! I might have alot of typos in this one because i am using my dad's laptop computer and the keyboard is quite liliputan. I was reading the diary of Pedrothelion, and was happy to discover that he, like myself, uses words like 're-re'=(retarded),and 'nay-nay'=(nasty). I even call my brother chip 'chi-chi' sometimes, but just for fun, and only while i am using my country hick lady voice. I think that using different accents is a defense mechanism of mine.

Today i had to work the early shift 6am-12 at the coffee shop. Yesterday afternoon i was working and i cut my thumb with a knife. I am such a klutz-o. I didn't want to tell my manager because he already thinks me an idiot because of the finger-in-the-grinder incident. So i wrapped my wound in a paper towel and waited for him to leave the office and then snuck and got some band-aids. It bled alot. i hate that.

Today...i got the coolest toy ever. I love toys, i am going to be the worst mom because the presents i buy my children will in actuality be for me. I got ELECTRONIC BATTLE SHIP! Its so cool, it talks to you! It treats you like a real naval commander or something. You can even play against yourself! it makes bomb sounds! wooo!

We also got Star Wars Monopoly because it was like 70% off. But that was nick's idea. I don't really like long games. Except for RISK. oooo, all of my games involve releasing my pent-up aggression, it would appear...

Nick's parents came to visit last night. They bought a new truck last week and took us to a fancy restaurant last night. Ever since he got healed of cancer, Nick's dad is alot more free with spending money. I guess he realized that he is not young and all of his kids are married so he needs to spend it all before he dies. Heh heh. That will be a pretty fun phase of life, yes?

I met Brad's internet girlfriend, valerie. She is cute, but i dont think she wants to hang out. Aww! (frowny face! poor candice!)

I did something out of boredom on friday morning while working in the office: i typed my first and last name in yahoo search. All of this crazy info poped up about me! Like school information, races i have run in, what place i came in, what my times were, my address in the school directory! argh! scary! if i had a stalker with yahoo, it would be all over!

well. nick is dropping not-so-subtle hints about wanting me to get off of the computer. so i shall.

that was me without you

i miss dear ephesus


2001-03-04 at 01:49:31

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