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cry baby cry stick yo finger in yo eye

Last night nick and I ate dinner (meatless lasagna) at David and Mary's house. David was gracious to offer me some deer jerky, but i declined.

Remember the little small 5lb baby that was born about two months ago? That is their son, Barrett. We were there from 7-10:30pm, and he cried from about 8-10. He cried and cried and cried and cried. We all held him, tried like a million different holding styles, talk, sing, look at the ceiling fan spin, Barrett! Woo! Nothing worked. He finally got tired i guess. But he was still wimpering when we left.

This other couple, Beau and Ashley were there also. They got a call during dinner that there is some pregnant teenager who needs her baby to be adopted, and were they interested? They were pretty stunned, because it is a sudden thing, ya know? I think they are only like 23 years old. They were thinking about doing forgien adoption in about a year. Life change, eh?

Oh, guess what else, hehe. Bailey called two nights ago and said he was moving back to town for good. What a crazy guy! I love that kid. I told him he could have the couch as long as he needed. But brad said that bailey could have his bed. Since Brad is always spending the night with his internet girlfriend who just moved into town. I still haven't met the girl. She must be shy. Or else brad is ashamed of her and doesn't want me to see or something weird like that. Who knows, i don't know what to think about that boy anymore.

I miss Dear Ephesus.

y pancho villa sin camisa


2001-03-02 at 13:55:29

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