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all the lonely people. where do they all belong?


(i wanted to start this entry off on a happy note).

I am at work right now and i just enjoyed a free blueberry muffin compliments of the cafeteria man. He is so nice, he even gave me some fake teeth. Little to flirty, eh? Exactly what message is he trying to send? (note sarcasm.i am assuming it was a nice and innocent gesture)

Yesterday I spent four hours in the darkroom developing two rolls of film and making contact sheets for 5 rolls. I like photography a whole lot. I hope that in the distant future when i own my own home, i can put a little darkroom closet in there for myself. That would be the coolest, even though most of those photography chemicals are carcinogens. What the hey, i am going to die of cancer one day anyway, if i don't get hit by a car first! Now its time for me to be young! foolish! and happy! i guess.

I also ran into an old pal yesterday, this girl named Lucky who went to my old church and highschool. We talked for a long time, an hour and a half even! Standing up in the hallway the entire time. She is cool, very happy, funny and intelligent. People like that are few and far between. Everyone at the community college is a dim bulb. Everyone at the university is either a stereotypical 'college student', listening to 'college rock' and all wearing the same clothes, or an 'artsy person', which basically involves being homosexual(stereotypical style, talking with a lisp and prancing), bi, or annoyingly 'pseudo-deep'. It is very hard to find authentic people. It makes me feel weird, like maybe i should play a role as well. But i know i never would. I have three or four good down to earth friends in the art department.

I looked at my legs again today, checking out the hair growth(every normal girl knows that you don't shave half as much in the winter time). They are pretty white. They need to be seared by the sun. I still have my calf muscle. I need some thigh muscle. I wonder if i can get implants. Haha!

Whoa! Some random man just came in here trying to sell me some bootleg perfume! Psycho! who let him in the building? what the crap?? I told him i try not wear alot because my friends baby is allergic to it. Plus i just got like the $50 Curve giftset ($118 dollar value, the box says!) for christmas, and i haven't even made a dent in it. I once saw some awesome curve impostor called 'BEND'! Thats the best!

One thing that stinks is this drugstore collogne called "YO! RAP MUSK!" Virginia sprayed it on me once in Eckerds to be mean. ya jerk!

everybody says im mexican; i'm indian in your eyes.


2001-03-01 at 16:59:08

* m a y s t a r *

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