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carry me to linstead market

Nick and I went camping this weekend. It was pretty fun for the most part. We went to bed at like 8, ya know, because it was dark and everything. I mean we played electronic battle ship for an hour or two, but you know how it goes.

So lucky for us we were about two camp sites away from some really loud, awake, obnoxious campers. Probably highschool age, drinking, singing annoying songs like 'hagalina magalina'. I figured they would go to bed at a normal time...but 11 turned into 1am, 1 am to 4 am. Finally nick went and told them that we could hear their every word and song. They shut up.

The next morning (we got up at 8am) we had a loverly breakfast and a nearby cracker barrel restaurant and then spent the rest of the day hiking around (actually we were walking on hiking trails. i wouldn't call ourselves 'hikers', because that would imply that we were all geared up and had things like, oh water bottles, which we didn't. nick was wearing his new vans and i had a half of a creme soda in a glass bottle). We ended up walking 7 miles on those crazy state park trails. It was really tiring but i would like to do it again. Only next time with some water and maybe even a luna bar and proper 'hiking' attire.

I am tired. I am so spent. I had to get up at 5:50 this morning, drove the hour to school, took a test in graphic design, tried to listen to a lecture about some Quark functions, got out of class, ran to the darkroom, mixed chemicals, hurriedly made a contact sheet for the latest assignment, ran to work, here i sit for another hour until i have to go to photography class, after which i will drive the hour home, try to get some reading done, have a 'small group' meeting tonite with some church folk, probably won't make it to bed until 11 or later, then i gotta start the cycle all over again. Only tommorrow i have to print like 6 pictures. It will probably take me all day. I also have my astronomy class tommorrow night at the junior college from 5-7:50. I need anxiety pills. Either that or i need to hurry up and finish college.

Oh, in other news, our pals are back from Belize! Jack and Jabs came by last night and showed us alot of the 14 rolls of pictures Jabs took in the 3 or 4 months he was there. Pretty cool. I can't wait to go myself next summer before we go to china. Yay!

Will i ever get some rest?

and i'm waitin for rest.


2001-03-13 at 17:49:38

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