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dirty south

The weekends go by so fast.

Saturday me and brad hung out and ran errands while nick was at work. We tried to make some screens but the emulsion wasn't dry and it just washed out after we exposed it.

After Nick got off work brad went home i forgot why, but me and nick took a nap until about 7 and brad came back over. We went to the inkwell so brad could get a computer program from his Tatoo artist buddy. Bailey was there hanging out with the piercing guy. We chatted. Then we rode bikes until about 1230 and hit up taco bell for some dinner and swung by our 24 hour Wal-Mart superstore for some canvas to make patches. Punk rawk?

Sunday we finally made some patches with our silk screen stuff. They look really good. We printed the entire patch screen on the back of a black dickie'sŪ work shirt for Chip.The whole thing took forever. The flash dryer kept blowing the fuse every 5 minutes and the fuse box is outside. I was elected to be the fuse switcher every single time. On another note, the plastisol ink was hell in a bottle. It got on everything and it took 2 hours to clean out of the shower.

Right now i am at work. All i want to do is go to sleep. I can't. I have to direct the news cast today. I hope i don't mess it up.

i've been guilty of winking at wounded sails


2000-10-17 at 15:30:25

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