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bad director!!

Today wasn't the best of days.

It started out with Geology and a 57 on a test. That never fills one's day with sunshine, lolipops and rainbows. TVII class dragged on forever. I was trying to subtly thumb through a screen printing catalog during the class to find some stuff to order for future projects comming up. We kinda muffed up the patches. Brad noticed that we burned some of the white ink in the drying process. Thats punk rawk i guess but it doesn't make for a happy customer.

Today at work some guy from the internet kept trying to convince me to marry him. I have only talked to him like 8 times online. He says he loves me and all of this crap. He says its because I make him laugh. I make alot of people laugh, every day of my life. Very few of them find that this is adequate reason to want to marry me. If they did that would be oh so scary.

The news cast today was a (SURPRIZE) disaster again. I was director this time so it was all on my head. What happened was one of the anchors didn't show up so at the last minute the script was re written to accomodate 2 people instead of 3. Somehow this new script didn't get entered into the prompter right. No one noticed this until we were on air. What the anchors were saying wasn't what was on the shot list. So all of the videos i was supposed to call for were in the wrong order. I had no way of knowing what was to come next until i saw it roll onto the prompter. Then i had like 3 seconds to decide what shot to take or what video to roll into. It stank, my friend.

After the horrendous newscast i came home and made red beans and rice and burnt some paper for an art project. I'm not creative i just pretend to be.

i got a feeling i can't shake. i can't breathe. take it away. i think i'm going to lose the war.


2000-10-18 at 03:13:23

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