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pirate loss

Well we lost our first game but it wasn't a slaughter or anything. It was like 12 to 6. This girl on the other team (A D Pi) she kept getting her pants pulled down somehow when people grabbed her flags. It was pretty gross to me. Our team definately had the most spirited fans. All of our friends are like hardcore kids and they were waving around this huge 5 ft long pirate flag and someone made a pirate poster and they were saying pirate phrases the whole game. We were the only ones with a cloud of cigarrette smoke billowing from our fans. I got complimented on my bone-crushing defense techniques. Well maybe not bone-crushing since it was flag football and all, but still they said i was good.

Then i had to go home and finish drawing a SHOE for drawing class. I think it looks bad. Its not evenly shaded and all. Nick said it looks good but what does he know, he is a banker. Well, it still makes me feel good for him to say stuff like that. :o)

I talked to Bailey for a long time today and invited him for some Vegetarian grubbin. Sadly he doesnt have any free afternoons. He was mad that i dangled such an offer in front of his face and he couldn't accept it. At least i know he thinks of us as good pals now.

Brad just told me he isn't comming over tommorrow as usual. He wants to ride bikes with Chad from 6 until midnite tommorrow. I am invited. I haven't ridden bikes in a long time but i don't really want to do it for 6 hours downtown. Late at nite. Last time we did that we rode into some ghetto and people were cursing at us and swerving their cars near us. Eeek!

time to go to sleep

you dont have to prove yourself to me...

i'm already impressed


2000-10-13 at 04:12:09

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