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memorylane...i'm not pregnant!

Today i was editing some video tapes for my class. I was making some 'raw footage' for someone else to edit out of some old home videos of my brother and me when we were 4 and 8 years old. It was a trip down memory lane and all. He was such a brat back then. I kept seeing scenes where he was whining and yelling at me to do stuff. I edited them all back to back so that he looks like a super brat. Haha. I love him alot. But watching those videos makes me wonder how come i didn't kill him when we were younger.

The other day I was sick and i went to visit my mom and she noticed so she started pulling out all of these medicines for me to take and she said "you might want to check with your doctor and see if any of these medicines will make your birth control unaffective."

So i told her that i stopped taking the B.C. because it was giving me headaches. And other side-effects i would rather not go into. She freaked out all saying i was going to get pregnant and stuff. Then the next day my dad called...she told him!..he was like "you better make sure your insurance covers if you get pregnant!"

I am not getting pregnant!!! Get outta muh bizness!! Thats gross i dont want my parents to think about me having sex or getting pregnant. Stop it stop it stop it!!!


Today was the first time i went to flag football practice for my intermural team. We have a game tommorrow. I know nothing about football. I have played soccer my whole life (12 years) and played hockey for 5 years in middle and highschool but FOOTBALL just makes no sense to me. It is like a big nebulous mathmatical equation. Those dont make sense to me either. Nothing past Algebra 2 anyway.


I talked to Bailey today. He is so one of my favorite people. He has the worst self esteem and he thinks he is muy feo (very ugly). He has no motivation to be in college and no motivation to do art (his major). What will become of my dear sweet Bailey? I am scared to ask him to hang out with me outside of class. I want to ask him out to eat lunch with me at this Vegetarian cafe since we are both meat-free. I don't want anyone to hear me ask him in case he has a reason not to go. I dunno why. I'm just skeered. WHY??? Its not even a date!! What is wrong with me!!!

its no surprise to me i am my own worst enemy


2000-10-11 at 21:31:53

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