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anime weekend

Where to start...


Brad, Nick and myself went to Anime Weekend, Atlanta (the convention). We left at a decent time but due to much traffic we got there late, after the dealer room closed. It was my first anime convention experience and as soon as I walked in the lobby I didn't stop laughing much the rest of the weekend. The laughter came from seeing tons of people dressed as anime characters, most of them were less than convincing. Anime characters have highly idealized bodies, like huge boobs on skinny girls, and buff men. Not many people look like that. So it was a new sight to me seeing rather pudgy girls in skimpy, sometimes leather outfits, and skinny, whithered boys dressed to look like buff warriors.

The bad thing was that some of these people didn't bathe the whole weekend and they had B.O. like i had never smelled before. It was like being choked.

One lady who had a booth there was an artist for PowerPuffGirls. You could pay $20 and she would draw the characters doing anything you wanted. So we told her what to draw and she said to come back later and when we did she was gone forever! NOoooo!! That stank. We were thinking of using the picture on one of our Dirty South T-shirts. Mojo Jojo riding a BMX bike doing an Xup w/ the PPG chasing him. Can you see the magic?

So that is what we did on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The whole time Brad was wishing we had brought our bikes.

We left for home sunday afternoon.

Monday was Columbus day. I still had to go to school (i missed the grand opening of super target!!) but nick didnt have work. It was fun having him home b/t my classes. We watched a DragonballZ dvd on the computer and when i was in my late class he made dinner for me, all ready when I got home. Yay!

Then I had to study for a geology test. I was not in the mood i pretty much messed around reading catalogs and stuff. I probably made about a 70. Hopefully higher???

Now i am at work alone b/c everyone is sick or on vacation. I have to go to the bathroom but if i do the phone will ring!! Ack!!

struggle on, struggle on, just for a little respect


2000-10-10 at 16:03:51

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