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he's a skinhead. I'm not a teeny bopper

Woo! Thursday!

That means it is almost the weekend. Today is Founder's Day here at the University. That means that the graduating seniors get their robes and stuff and 11 o'clock classes are cancelled because there is some sort of assembly. I didn't have an 11 o'clock class but my 9:30 class teacher let us out an hour early. I just went home and laid on the bed listening to Talk Radio for 45 minutes and then I went to work.

Tonite is our first Flag Football game, THE PINK PIRATES!!! We are the independant team. Tonite we play A D Pi. I had to meet Tara's brother today to get the iron-on decals for our jerseys. My pirate name is "BLOOD THIRSTY".

While i was waiting on Tara's brother i saw Donnie. He was wearing a crisp new SHARP's jacket. I didn't know he was a skinhead. I just thought he suddenly started dressing like one. Am I dumb? Skinheads have been popping up all over the place lately. This guy Rocky who always picks fights used to be a SHARP, and now he is supposedly a Nazi. That is a huge difference. What is up with all of that stuff, its like being in a gang. Maybe i should start a militia. A militia against militias. My militia could go around mowing down all other gangs/militias, just for being. I could borrow my uncle's firearms or something.


On another note, I am 20. The problem is, i look 15 or 16. I wrote a check in a store and the lady asked if she could see my license "or do you have one yet??" Whats up??? I don't dress like a teeny bopper or anything. I don't dress like a hoochie either. Maybe that is what makes you look old. Maybe i just look young and fresh because i don't use a tanning bed or wear makeup. Brad looks young too. He is 25 and he doesn't have to shave. Nick looks kinda young but he still looks over 20. Mostly because he has to wear a tie to work.

Is it a blessing or a curse?

there's a beautiful disease in her parks and in her trees

2000-10-12 at 17:07:58

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