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steph/ summer memories/reebs got lice

Today was my free day.

I only had one class today because 2-D was cancelled. I gave Bailey some baked goods today. He looked happy.

I got to hang out with Steph. I went over to her ma's house and did my laundry while we tried to figure out something to do. We ended up eating at Subway at watching Rikki Lake. That was okay. I only have one channel down here on my TV so the novelty of a clear signal has not worn off yet.

She is moving to New Jersey on Sunday. Me and Nick are probably going to visit on my Spring Break. That'll be cool.

Today I started thinking about how my friends are just too comforatable around me when I am trying to do personal things, like use the toilet.

Two summers ago I lived in Panama City Beach in a one room efficiency apartment with four other girls. We lived and worked down there for 3 months. I worked in the kitchen of a boat.

Anyway, in our apartment there was only one bathroom of course so often times while I was using the toilet someone else would be doing make-up or something. One time this one girl Amy was looking for stuff in the bathroom and she was all bent down while i was on the toilet HER FACE WAS RIGHT BESIDE MY NAKED BOOTY!!! I was like HEYYYY!!! C"MON NOW!!!

Then i laughed alot because it was funny in an awkward sort of way.

That summer was really fun. We had a scare when one of the roomates got Lice. We had to evacuate the room for 24 hours while we dropped a lice bomb. Then my stuffed monkey, Crotch, had to spend 72 hours in a plastic bag so if he had lice they would suffocate. And Amy threw away all of my hair brushes and my favorite comb i had since 1st grade. It made me so mad. I went dumpster diving to find it but sadly the garbage man had already come i guess. Because i looked in every stinkin putrid bag.

But i got some good and hilarious memories from that summer as well. I'm sure i will write about them another time.

i'm sorry that "i'm sorry" can't bring you home


2000-10-05 at 01:37:30

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