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ghetto speak for whiteys

I was sittin here thinkin, and you know how it is when you are the only one awake and its kinda late. Sometimes you have some pretty enlightening thoughts, a revelation of sorts. Maybe you think of a poetic line, or something foo foo like that.

Well. Right now is not a time for deepness. In my solitude, i begin to reminisce...my mind drifts back...back to the days when i was working in fast food...back to chick-fil-a...back to subway...back to the food courts in the civic center...back to my ghetto suburbia highschool...back to when i learned my first ghettospeak.

I began work at chick-fil-a when I was fifteen. I was proud at how quickly i caught on to ghetto speak. For all of you whiteys' out there, have a tutorial.

One word you will encounter alot is "AX". Now, in this language, "AX" is not a sharp hatched used to chop things. "AX" is a verb. It means 'ASK'. Try it..."I NEEDS TAH AX YOU A QUERSTION"

Querstion? Surely you know what a QUERSTION is. Its means QUESTION, my light skinned comrade! Other words with extra consonants include:

SKRAW (straw)

LETTISH (lettuce, i learned this one at subway sandwich shop)

PEEINSUL (pencil, an instrument with which to write)

GURRR! (Girl! an exclaimation of surprize or reproach)

OH NO YOU DI-IN! (oh no, you didn't! as in 'i can't believe what you just said/did!)

BABY DADDY (the father of one's child)

MERANAISE (mayonaise. When someone requested this at the sandwich shop, I told them that no, we didn't have an Marinara. My manager came to my rescue and whispered 'mayonaise!!!')

NAYS-TEE (nasty, very gross)

HOOCHIE MAMA (a loose woman)

That is all i can think of right now. Remember, translating ghetto takes alot of practice, a quick ear, and the ability to discern where mumbled words begin and end. With practice, you will be speaking like a pro!

what are words but funny noises when there's no one there to hear?


2000-10-04 at 04:02:26

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