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long saturday drought

This day has been so long.

Brad spent the night with me and nick and nick had to go to work this morning at 9 or something. When he walked out the door i mumbled to him to feed the cat and also call at 1030 to wake us up. Well he never called and i woke up on my own at 12. Then i woke brad up and we went out to Chad Takehold's house (about an hour away) to help him dig a dirt jump for our BMX pleasure. Its going to be cool. I got blisters though from raking dirt around. He had already burned some leaves and forrest-like debris, and in the char was a dead turtle who was accidentally burnt to death. Hopefully he died from smoke inhailation.

After that we went to my parents house and met nick there and Steph came over. There is a water shortage in my parents' county. You get a fine if you water your yard. It hasn't rained in forever. If it doesn't rain in 50 days it will be a state of emergancy and water will have to be brought in.

My brother had a birthday party tonite so Nick and Steph and i went. It was a pretty full house. There were all kinds of people there from my past mixed with people from my present. And also a little brown dog that looked very mop-like.

Nick is asleep. I told him he could go ahead. He said if he went to sleep, i have to put myself in his arms when i get in bed. Haha. He silly. But he was for real. He is easy to love most of the time.

this is tragically romantic


2000-10-01 at 04:20:43

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