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un-bloody sunday

This morning Nick woke me up in the way that gets on my nerves. We both have to be up at the same time but he will lay there and tell me to get up. Then he stays in bed and waits until I am using the sink or something and comes in and tries to use it at the same time. What he SHOULD do is go ahead and get up and use the sink and THEN get ME up.

We went to church and it was alright, no body said anything weird today because we didn't have 'open mic' time. After church we went out to the state park to watch Molly's husband get baptised in the lake. That was really cool. First we ate lunch there, all of the church members had each brought a dish, so it equalled a home-made buffett. There was this lady from Kenya and she made all of this tasty ethnic foods. Yummm yumm. The Baptism service was very meaningfull because it was all out of in the open, people were sun bathing and there we were, a small congregation in plain clothes having worship and Baptism. Bystanders seemed touched and interested. I felt a really great sense of being a part of the Family of God.

After that me and nick left and went to John's house for our Sunday Movie Club as we call it. We watched Apocolypse Now on his DVD player.

Then we went back to my parents house and ate dinner and I did my art project. Now we are back at our house and I am procrastinating writing a paper for Broadcast Engineering class. We left Biscuit our cat home alone all weekend and now she is running around like a maniac. I hope she isn't scarred for life.

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