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electric drill

Its midnight.

So why are Nick and Brad in my bedroom using an electric drill and listening to the Bouncing Souls song 'you're so rad' really loudly? Oh even better, now they are hammering something.

I just talked on the phone to my cuz Steph for the first time in about 4 months of her being in the Air Force. She is home now from tech school. We laughed and had fun and made plans to hang tommorrow. That made me happy and excited but when I went and told nick and brad they ignored me and kept on building. Those dummies. Nick is supposed to love me and brad is supposed to be my best friend.

They are making the light box that exposes/burns the emulsion for the screen prints. I don't know why mid nite is the right time to do these less-than-quiet activities.

Today when I went to go meet brad after work I stopped by my parents house and saw my brother Chip. He just turned 17 on wednesday. It was cool because he has something to do with the SGA at school, and they are having a bake sale tommorrow and all of the baked goods were at our house waiting to be sold tommorrow in the Wal-Mart parking lot. He said we could help ourselves so me and brad ate like 15 M&M cookies and I saw brad sneak some other stuff. I almost ate this brownie but when it got close to my mouth i caught a wiff and it smelled like straight up POO POO. I am not kidding. Brad smelled it and agreed. I will never put ANYTHING in my mouth that is brown and smells like poop, even if it is cleverly shaped into a brownie. Can't fool me!!!

Find yourself someone who sees you like the way you do, baby.


2000-09-30 at 04:06:53

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